Saying Goodbye! :(

Our day started off with another delicious breakfast followed by one last English lesson. We then gathered around to write airport letters for each other so that we will always remember our time together. After a scrumptious lunch at the SAIT cafeteria, we cleaned up our apartments and packed our bags as preparation for going back home. After all the hard work was done, we were rewarded with a wonderful slideshow full of pictures of every day spent in Canada. We can’t believe we did so much in only three weeks! We were then given awards, certificates, and yearbooks to take home as a reminder of our time at Wynchemna. This was followed by an exciting game of murder ball before ice skating at the Calgary Olympic Oval! We worked up a sweat and an appetite while skating laps around the track. Supper was at Denny’s and we even got dessert - frosty’s at Wendy’s! We finished the night by singing our hearts out during Karaoke and said our final goodbyes to our new best friends from all over the world! We had a truly wonderful three weeks and hope that many will return again next summer! :)