A Day of Firsts! Hitting Homerun and Canoeing in Circles!!

For many in the Grizzlies camp, it was our first real day of Wynchemna. We all adjusted well to our rooms, got along great with our roommates and had a wonderful night’s rest. In the morning we were hungry for some breakfast and thank goodness we were greeted with a scrumptious spread! We had blueberry waffles, cereal, fruits, bacon and eggs. The breakfast rooms were alive with chatter and the chaos of cooking and cleaning! After breakfast was our first day of lessons for the new crew of students! They met and got along with the old group of students swimmingly well. We had lots of fun getting to know each other and learning about sports. 

After lunch came the exciting part! We got our lifevests on and hit the Calgary Reservoir with our canoes! Thankfully none of us fell in! Although we did get a little wet! With the lead of the instructors we raced, played tag and canoed in circles.

Then we practiced our baseball skills, passing, catching and batting before we played an intense game of ball. It was a high scoring game with one team getting eight points!

The day wasn’t over yet though! We were off to Loose Moose Comedy show. We laughed our hearts out at the outlandish performers on stage and had a grand old time!!

We can’t wait for tomorrow!!!