An Electrifying Time with the Mammoths!

The Woolly Mammoths had an incredible time learning the basics of Canadian Football, things such as how to throw the perfect spiral, how to catch a touchdown, and the route tree for a wide receiver! Unfortunately due to the crazy Calgarian weather, we were unable to go kayaking because a huge thunderstorm rolled through the Glenmore Reservoir. We spent a little time at CF Chinook Centre to wait out the rain, and then headed to the Calgary Soccer Centre for a great session of futsal (indoor soccer). A delicious dinner was eaten at Denny’s restaurant where we had everything from chicken caesar salad to veggie omelettes - YUM! We closed out the evening with an incredible Casino Night, where the students played UNO, Bingo, Roulette, and Spoons and were able to “purchase” prizes with the “money” they won. Tomorrow, we head to the biggest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall!