Blasting Back to the Past

Today we started with some lessons that got us to unlocked our potential as master code breakers. We worked together as a team to solve the problems and boy, did we have fun! After some well-earned success in the classroom, we headed out to the amazing Horseshoe Canyon for some hiking. We climbed to new heights amongst the Hoodoos and enjoyed a landscape unlike any other we’ve seen before. Next we drove to The Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller and got to check out some real dinosaur bones found here in Alberta. We couldn’t believe we were looking at fossils that are millions of years old. We learned so much about the past and the museum’s interactive exhibits made it very hard to leave. We ended the day playing sports, cards and hanging out in the park as the sun set over the hills of Drumheller. The barbecue we had tasted delicious and filled us right up for the ride home. Today was definitely another great adventure for the books!