Food, Fun, and Good Music

We kicked off the morning today with a fantastic breakfast at the Calgary Stampede, getting to know the locals over pancakes, eggs, and sausage! It was a gorgeous sunny day. Some of us ran through the sprinkler while others practice their lasso work and pet animals at the petting zoo! 

After English lessons and lunch, preparation for international supper began. Each nation got to choose a dish that they loved from home and nominate a head chef to lead a team to cook that dish. Under the direction of each nation’s head chef, we got to shop for and cook dishes from all around the world, and experience one another’s culture through some delicious food! There were so many different types of food and everything was prepared spectacularly.

Finally, we ended off the night with karaoke! The songs rolled into one another and so many people got up to belt their hearts out! The clapping, singing along, and cheering from the audience never stopped! The best song may have been each nation’s rendition of happy birthday as we celebrated Juan Pablo’s birthday!