Canada Day Down By The River

Happy Canada Day! Today we woke up and our teachers planned some super fun and tasty lessons for us to learn all about this beautiful country! All of us learned something we didn’t know before, but we were also able to realize many of our cultural similarities as well. After classes we dressed up for Canada day with temporary tattoos and received some cool Canada flags and signs to bring with us on our adventure to beautiful Prince’s Island Park. To get the festivities going we found a good spot in the shade and we pulled out all the goodies for lunch and got to enjoy our meal in nature. We played football, soccer, frisbee and of course, Huckle Buckle. 

We also got to walk down by the river and enjoy the bike path and even got to watch some rafts float down the water. So cool! Then came dinner time. Tonight was a special night for us because it was the first time we got to cook for ourselves in our own rooms with our friends. We got to choose what we wanted to eat and got all the ingredients at the local grocery store next door. Then came the cooking part. Everyone got a chance to share their talents in the kitchen and show off their fancy cooking skills. The food smelled delicious all throughout the hallways and we were all very proud to share some of our favourite foods from home. Safe to say that though today was our first Canada Day ever, it definitely did not disappoint!