First Day Goals!!

Today was our first full day at Wynchemna! We began our day with a nutritious breakfast where we had our first taste of Maple Syrup - a Canadian favourite! We had eggs, bacon, waffles, yogurt, and an abundance of fruit. After breakfast we finished our check in for our friends that arrived late the night before and then we headed off for a tour of our bountiful campus. There were so many beautiful buildings and we couldn’t believe the amazing view we have of downtown Calgary from our soccer field - there are huge skyscrapers! After our tour we headed back for lunch at Happy Hut! Our lunch was full of chicken, different meats, veggies, snacks and desserts! With our full tummies, we headed out for our English exams. After we finished our exams we played Apples to Apples, Uno, and other card games. Then, we headed off to play soccer at the Calgary Soccer Centre. Wow! We had no idea how talented we were at soccer - it was a close game, both teams were on fire! 

After soccer, we headed back to campus and got ready to go to supper. We tried out a popular restaurant called Boston Pizza. Here, we ate delicious pasta and watched the soccer game while chatting with our new friends and getting to know one another. On our bus ride, we discovered that animals make different sounds in Taiwan and Canada! Does a Dog go Woof Woof or Wang Wang? You decide! Upon our return to campus we headed off for a field in front of a building that looked straight out of Harry Potter. Of course, in true Harry Potter fashion, we played a friendly, and competitive, game of Quidditch. We flew high on our broom sticks, chased after the snitches and fought for championship! We ended our night with a game of huckle buckle that left our bellies hurting from so much laughing. By the end of the day we were so tired, but so happy to be here in Canada and to be having so much fun! We can’t wait to have another fun-filled day tomorrow!