Making a Splash and Squashing the Competition!

We got a great night’s sleep from all that walking and exhaustion of the Great Canadian Race yesterday. Breakfast got us up and pumped for the new day!

It was only two lessons in the morning before we headed out for a super packed fun day of activities. We went to the Recreation Centre and straight away we got our badminton racquets and birdies and started volleying. We practiced our front hands and backhands, drop shots and smashes. There were many pickup matches between us, and though the competition was fierce we shook hands and high fives at the end.

A bunch of us also decided we wanted to try our hand at squash. It was challenging but fun, with the non-bouncy balls rolling on the court more than it was hitting the walls like they are meant to!

After getting all sweaty and hot from the intense racquet matches we were ready to hit the pool. We got into our swimsuits, did a quick but thorough swim test and then we were off to the amazing little water park. We did swan dives off the diving board, swung on a big red ball into the wave pool and throttled down the twisty slides. 

We had tons of fun doing cannonballs, having water fights and dipping into the hot tub and the sauna steam room. 

It was a great way to cool off for sure!

Then we rode the magic school bus back to our dorms for dinner. A delicious spread of Greek food was waiting for us there! It was definitely the best dinner we’ve had so far! We ate with our dorm mates and had a blast!

The awesome meal carried us through our last lesson of the day and then we were on to free time where we got to chill and hang out with our Wynchemna friends!!