Our Day Dinosaured By!!

Today we woke up super early because we were so excited to go see everyones favourite giant monster, DINOSAURS! To get ready for our big adventure, we had to learn about the badlands, hoodoo and dinosaurs that lived in Drumheller. We got our things ready, ate a nutritious lunch of beef and noodles and off we went. The ride there was full of cards, karaoke and truth or dare. It was a lot of fun! But even better, was the beautiful hike around the famous pristine Horseshoe Canyon which encapsulates the majesty of the badlands completely! Next was the even more famous Royal Tyrrell Museum which houses the most complete collection of dinosaur fossils on earth. The kids had so much fun looking at mammoths, playing with fossils, and screaming at the spooky T-Rex, yikes! We wrapped up the day with a classic Canadian bbq in-front of the gigantic dinosaur statue. Our dinner was made complete with a impromptu game of soccer before we got on the bus and sang the whole way home.