Paintball and the Night Market!

What an action-packed day at Wynchemna. After a delicious french toast breakfast, we started our lessons in which we began writing our scripts for our Wynchemna TV programs. We split into groups and wrote our own TV programs. One group is doing a cooking show, another is doing a weather report, and another is doing a sports broadcast! We can't wait to film them tomorrow! After lunch we hopped on the bus and went to Ambush Paintball where we split into teams and played capture the flag, zombie, last man standing, and king of the hill. It was very intense but we had a lot of fun! When we finished we went for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant where we got to try Pho, a Vietnamese soup! So delicious! Then we went to the Richmond Night Market. It's a market full of games, live performances, a collection of Asian cuisines and stores. After we ate and shopped till we dropped, we were ready for bed and headed back to UBC. We have another big day ahead of us tomorrow!