The Talented Herons can Climb, Swing, and Sing All Day!

This morning was kicked off with a hearty breakfast of golden omelettes, warm Canadian bacon, and scrumptious Nutella sandwiches. After three spectacular English lessons, the Herons had another adrenaline-filled time at Stronghold Climbing Centre, where they experienced the challenge of tying their own figure-eight knots and belaying with a partner! All the students excelled at rock climbing, and their sporty finesse transferred over to the golf course where they relieved some of their energy at the beautiful driving range. This amazing day concluded with Wynchemna’s Got Talent, where the students performed their talents in front of their classmates. Acts consisted of dazzling singing and rap performances, exciting dance routines, and even an incredible magic trick! All participants impressed the judges with their creativity. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!