Shopping and Saying Hello To Our New Friends!!!!

Today we woke up and started the day off getting a (washable) tattoo that a friend designed for us. We learned a lot about each other and had many laughs and even some tears showing them to each other. It was such a great experience! After lessons, we went downtown for some shopping at the coolest mall around. It even had a massive, living garden inside of it! We got to roam around as a group and buy some Canadian clothes and memorabilia to take home with us. Though the weather was rainy on the way home, we walk through a beautiful park and had a good time admiring the city nevertheless. Then the best part of the day happened: all our new students arrived from all over the world!! So many new people to meet and we are so happy to have them join us. There are some exciting times ahead as a much larger camp and we can’t wait to share them all here! See you tomorrow!