Skating Through the Amazing Canadian Race in Rain and Ice

We were in the groove today!! Everyone got into breakfast, helping to set the table and cooking eggs and bacon for each other. If there is anything to learn from breakfast, it’s that bacon is a very tasty Canadian food!!

After lessons were done for the day we rushed over to the SAIT ice rink arena. For many of us it would be our first time skating on ice!! We got our helmets and skates on as quick as we could with the teachers helping us to lace them up as tight as possible. At first we were stumbling, sliding and tumbling all over the place. But with the help of the teachers and our friends we were soon gliding over the ice. Even the most beginner skaters of us were able to make it around the rink several times! It was exciting and invigorating to breathe in that ice cool air!

We grabbed a quick bite of lunch and then headed out for the GREAT CANADIAN RACE!!! In five teams we split up and competed for the top prize. We visited all the famous Calgary landmarks from Eau Claire Market to the Metawa Armoury to the Calgary Tower and Stephen’s Ave. Even the mighty thunderstorm was no match for our will to win. We were soon soaked and experience our first Canadian hail. But it was all worth it in the end when we had a great Indian buffet. We gorged ourselves with food and all the walking was paid for .

When we returned to our dorms the winning team received their prize: ONE QUARTER for each of us! 

One thing is for sure: we are going to sleep well tonight!!!