Sliding into Fun!

Today we got a real taste for adventure and had such a blast in the great Canadian outdoors! Right after hanging out with our friends at breakfast, we hopped on the bus and headed out of town. On the drive we saw the beautiful prairies, some animals and gave each other some funny clothespin makeovers while playing games. Our first stop was the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump historic site, and we got to learn and see up close how the Aboriginal peoples hunted here thousands of years ago. We even got to sit in a traditional buffalo-hide teepee!

Next we made our way to Frank Slide, hiking over some massive boulders to witness a spectacular view of Turtle Mountain. We all made it up the remains of the avalanche and got enjoy the sunshine and high peaks together. Finally we ended our day by having a delicious dinner by a lake in the trees. We skipped rocks, played sports and some were even brave enough to dip their feet in the cold, mountain water. Yikes! We’re on the road home now and looking out the window as the sun sets; the view could not be more beautiful over these rolling hills. All in all, a beautiful day with great new friends.