Striking up a Conversation!

Day one is complete! What a start it was! We got up fresh in the morning and got together for a delicious breakfast. Some of us were battling jet lagged but we powered through. We first started with our placement exam, everyone did great and left with big smiles on their faces. Then we had a hearty lunch to prepare us for our rousing game of Quidditch! We may not be able to fly on brooms, but running with hockey sticks proved to be just as fun! We could have played all day, it was great to create team names and cheers. Team Peanut Butter created a pretty fun cheer and posed for an awesome team photo.

The fun wasn’t over then though, next came bowling! While we have many skilled players, none could match Roberto’s FOUR STRIKES! What a great player!

Quick stop for dinner and we were off to explore campus. The students got to know the place they will call home over the next month. It was a busy first day but we made so many friends. Can’t wait for tomorrow!