Today we ROCKED and ROLLED!

Today we packed our day full of fun! We started our day with our lessons where we finished up our sets and got into character and performed at the Wynchemna Theatre for our classmates. After lunch, we headed out to the volleyball dome where we kicked off our shoes and played volleyball in the sand courts. 

After our nail-biting close game of volleyball we headed out to learn how to rock climb. We strapped on our harnesses, learned to belay, and climbed those walls like spider-monkeys. 

After our rock-climbing adventure, we went off to Boston Pizza to fill up on a tasty fettuccine supper. With our tummies full, we strolled on back to campus and got all dolled up for our Wynchemna Casino night! 

We lined up to get our ID’s checked and receive our start up money and off to the casino we went. We played bingo, blackjack and spent our money on rootbeer floats and the auctioned off prizes. We ended our night decked out in Canada gear and headed to bed with happy hearts and tired eyes. We can’t wait to become Cowboys tomorrow and head off to Stampede. We’ll be riding horses in our dreams tonight!!!