Trading For Treasure

This morning we had an enormous breakfast of toaster waffles and maple syrup, yogurt, cereal, and eggs. After breakfast we had our lessons, in which we learned about food, culture, and tattoos! After classes we had a delicious of pork with cherry sauce, mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables. Then, we did something incredibly creative. We were given a bright red paperclip, told to explore the Calgary community of Kensington, and try and exchange it for the coolest object possible. After a couple hours, we obtained a selfie stick, a book, and beach bag, and and iPhone 5! What a day! Then we came home and put our new cooking skills to work. Oh boy, are we getting good. One group of us made stir fry for the first time and the rest of us tried our luck at making Spanish omelettes. Everyone tried something new and we all LOVED IT. Success!