A week in the stunning Canadian Rockies

For the past 6 days the Buffalo have been out camping in the Rocky Mountains. It was an action packed adventure that involved many new activities and experiences. 

July 11 - Day 0: 

We woke up at SAIT and had our last meal for the next week in the comfort of our apartments. Then we cleaned and packed a little. After lunch we got on the bus filled with anticipation for what the upcoming adventure would bring. As we approached out campsite the mountains came into the view. What a sight!

We set up our tents and prepared our first camping meal. With a little teamwork, dinner was done in no time. To wrap up the night we gathered around the campfire singing songs to Roberto’s beautiful guitar playing. Here’s to the next 5 days!

July 12 - Day 1:
The first camping night was surprisingly warm and we all woke up feeling refreshed to the sight of the mountains. There is something magical about waking up in a tent in the middle of the Rockies. 

You can’t possibly visit the mountains without going on a hike. That’s exactly what we did; we took the bus to Wasootch Ridge. All along the hike there were beautiful views of mountains and the surrounding valley. At the top of the we had a well-deserved scenic lunch.

 After such a tiring day, everyone slept even better than last night.

July 13 - Day 2:

Today we spent the day relaxing and playing games at the campsite. It was good change of pace from the busy past weeks. 

In the afternoon, we joined forces with out tent mates and competed against other tent groups. It was a fierce competition but in good spirit.

July 14 - Day 3:

Following another great breakfast, we packed out mountains and got on the bus for another adventurous afternoon, this time on bikes. We all got a chance to ride on a fun trail, along a mountain stream meanwhile the mountain views rolled past us. 

Around lunch, we got to see a really majestic Canadian creature. We saw a brown bear crossing a meadow, from a safe distance of course. 

In the evening we visited Canmore and got a chance to go for a swim in the pool. It was refreshing after a few days without running water. 

July 15 - Day 4:

Finally this much anticipated day came. We had a choice between going to the Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Icefields or a horseback ride around Lake Louis. No matter the choice, it was a great day.

On the way to the ice fields, we got to soak in the view as it passed in the school bus window. Once we got to the glacier, we boarded a new, much bigger bus. It had huge wheels to help it drive on ice, taller than most of us. We even got to spend some time walking on the glacier itself.

Those that chose horseback riding, spent the afternoon riding a horse. It was peaceful ride through the forest to the other side of lake from where we got a postcard worthy view of the Chateau. 

July 16 - Day 5:

Banff is another must see place in the Rockies. We spent the afternoon walking through the streets of Banff buying souvenirs for ourselves and loved ones. Of course, a summer day isn’t complete without a visit to the candy store or an ice cream shop. Or BOTH! 

That wrapped our last full day at camping and before we knew it, our camping trip was over.