Gotta Catch 'Em All at IKEA

Today was an interesting day at Wynchemna after a hearty and healthy breakfast we went straight into our English lessons. Since today was such a beautiful sunny day in Calgary, we decided to learn English outside. We had a blast playing word games; charades, having debates and doing word based relay races. Next we took break for lunch at our food court, which offered a variety of delicious lunch options such as Japanese, Italian or American. This variety of food was matched by our trip to IKEA, where we had supper featuring Swedish meatballs and took the opportunity to practice English in a real world setting. The students performed plays, improved their vocabulary, made advertisements, and even developed their own games and rooms using many of the lovely furniture sets and displays that can only be found in Ikea.  We wrapped up this quirky but awesome day with a movie at the local theatre. Some of us got to witness the power of Godzilla, or feel the suspense created by Denzel Washington in Shaft, while others got to relish the cuteness of detective Pikachu.  We wrapped up the day by moving and getting our new rooms ready for our new friends who are coming on July 19, just two days away!