Camping in the Beautiful Canadian Rockies

What a blast these past few five days have been! On July 12th we started the day packing and then playing an exciting game of baseball while other canoed. We then arrived at the camp site, put up our tents, ate dinner, and had a lovely camp fire. The next day we got up early to eat breakfast before we went mountain biking and walking troll falls trail. We got back, sang some songs and ate marshmellows around the campfire. We had another early day as we split into two groups: one heading to horse back riding by stunning Lake Louise and the other went to walk on a glacier and drink glacier water at the Columbia Icefields. The next day we had a long but beautiful at Wasootch, where we got to enjoy lunch with a beautiful view of the mountains. Finally we had a rest day at the campsite where we played olympic games and capture the flag. On our last day of camping we went to Banff where we bought some cute souvenirs and enjoy the beautiful hot springs! We finally returned to SAIT where we got to shower, unpack, and enjoy the night with Loose Moose.