Climbing, Kayaking, and Cooking - What a Cool Day!

Today, the Woolly Mammoths enjoyed an action-packed day at Stronghold Climbing Centre and the Calgary Canoe Club. After eating a deliciously nutritious breakfast together, we had a lesson on how to type newspaper articles and brainstormed ideas of what kind of information we wanted to include in our own articles about our time spent at Wynchemna. We typed our articles up in the SAIT Library of topics ranging from our favourite activities to how to survive camping! We then enjoyed a scrumptious lunch courtesy of the chefs at Teriyaki Experience!

Afterward, we headed to round two of rock climbing, where we learned how to tie our own figure-eight knots and set up the belay devices. Some students were able to tackle some of the hardest walls! Up next was redemption time with kayaking at the Calgary Canoe Club, and we had beautiful weather for the entire session. We learned how to raft properly and played an exciting game of zombie tag under the sun!

Our final tasks for the evening were planning and cooking our own dinners, where we made sushi and tacos - an international treat! Tomorrow we leave for camping in the Kananaskis Country, so we’ll keep you updated when we can!