Putting Our Hearts on the Line!

Today was Valentine’s Day for the Timber Wolves! Everyone wore red, white, and pink for the special occasion, and our teachers presented the students with lessons on love and relationships in the modern world. We covered everything from tinder profiles to breakup texts, and even horoscope love matches! For lunch we enjoyed a variety of teriyaki, pizza, and burgers from the SAIT cafeteria while we played the first round of Stealing Hearts, in which the girls tried to steal the boys’ hearts b y getting the boys to talk to them! We spent the hot, sunny afternoon kayaking in some cool water, playing plenty of games. Baseball was a hit, with everyone catching, throwing, and batting like pros! During supper we played round two of Stealing Hearts, in which the boys tried to steal the girls’ hearts. Ultimately, the girls won by one point! The night finished off with everyone looking glam and fancy for casino night. Plenty of Wynchemna bucks were won, lost, and won again during our many games as we enjoyed plenty of delicious treats. The final bidding wars for prizes were intense and we won some seriously cool stuff in the end!