Drawing, Dining, and Dancing

Boy oh boy, let me tell ya, what a day we had today. Our day started off a little bit sad because a few of our friends went back home, there was lots of hugs and even some cries as we gave are farewells to both Giulia and Gaspard, but we made sure to grab their social media so we could still keep in touch.

After our goodbyes our day began with our routinely awesome breakfast and right into some English lessons. Today we got to write fictional love stories, made personalized tattoos, and Madlibs. After a scrumptious lunch of garlic veggies, noodles and chicken we were off to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the most super supper, the most decadent dinner, the most miraculous meal; International Supper! Today is the day when our students get to show off their culinary credentials and cook meals from their own countries! After some frying, some boiling, some stirring and a lot of laughs we had made our fabulous food, and what a fantastic feast it was! We had bubble tea from Taiwan, Tempura from Japan, Fried Tofu from Hong Kong, Tacos from Mexico, Sausage from Germany, Strudel from Czech, Pasta from Italy, Cheese and potato from France, and even some seriously succulent Syrian cuisine! Boy were our bellies full! Luckily we got to work it all off later at Wynchemna’s annual dance party! We busted out all the sickest moves, line dancing made a comeback, some salsa snuck in, and even a some new funky fresh moves were formed! All in all it was a day to remember as we danced the night away, by the time we made it back to bed, we were very ready to sleep.