First Day Fun!

Our first day at wynchemna! 

Today we were constantly meeting new friends throughout the day as we flew in to Canada to start our summer. We went on a tour of our campus and played a few get to know you games. We were so interested in getting to know each other and learn about each other’s countries. 

We even began to learn about one another’s talents when we played guitar and showed our cheerleading expertise! 

To our surprise, some of our classmates are returners at wynchemna! They were so excited to be back for another fun summer and got the rest of us anticipating all the fun! 

We are a delicious supper together and then headed back outside to play Human bingo where we were able to learn even more about one another and find out what we had in common. Giulia won a prize for learning the most about everyone! After bingo, we learned all about how wynchemna works and headed off to bed, we were all so tired from our long days of travelling and meeting new friends! We can’t wait to find out what tomorrow has in store!