Smiles, Sliding, and Showing Off Our Talents

We started off today with a quick breakfast before running off to morning activities. We split into two groups, each taking a turn going golfing and doing rock climbing! It was a gorgeous day for golf, with lots of sun, and we even had a competition to see who could hit their ball the farthest. In both groups the winners got to take home a delicious, chocolate prize which was such a great bonus. 

In rock climbing today we worked on billeting our peers and tying our own ropes. Everyone went up the wall and conquered heights and tricky climbing routes. Then we all made our way over the hockey arena and stepped onto the ice. So much slipping, sliding and belly laughs! We with lots of support and encouragement from our friends, we scored some goals and learned a lot about hockey.  Afterwards we stepped into the warm sunshine again and took some photos of our breakfast room groups, roommates and our whole camp. It was a great time and we will be able to cherish these photos forever! For dinner we went back to our rooms to have some yummy lasagna and bonding time with our apartment buddies. Finally, we got some time to practice for our talent show coming up! We figured out what everyone is doing and we can’t wait to share what each group has planned. We’re so excited!  Now for a well deserved sleep-in and being totally ready for the next day ahead.