All Packed Up!

With our last day before camping already upon us, the Timber Wolves spent the day getting ready for our next exciting Wynchemna adventure! We began eith a nice hearty bacon and eggs breakfast with our favourite teachers. Then we mosied on over to the Heritage Building for an new and fun lesson in the computer lab about interviews, surveys, and newspaper articles. With our minds full of knowledge, we then went to fill our bellies at Carl's Jr for lunch. After lunch, we returned to the lovely SAIT campus to pack our bags for camping and clear out the appartments that have become our homes away from home over these past few weeks. When every corner had been cleaned, the Timber Wolves strolled down to Kensington Market for a scrumptious supper at Tuk Tuk Thai - a Wynchemna first! Our night culminated in the much anticipated presentation of Wynchemna's Got Talent: our annual talent show. We saw some amazing performances including singing, dancing, and even syncronized swimming! What a night and what a talented crew we have!