Ice Ice Talent

This morning started off with a delicious breakfast of cereal, toast, eggs, and bacon - as per usual - before we dived into lessons! Today’s lessons were full of fun activities: we wrote letters home to our family, played Pictionary and worked on our job interview skills, and wrote advice columns! We even played a super fun game call the Whisper Game in which we had to guess what one another was saying while wearing headphones! Lunch was a variety of delicious food at the SAIT cafeteria, and when we got back we had a good chunk of time to practice for the talent show! Our acts are shaping up and looking ready to present! Finally we got to go to the University of Calgary and go skating at the Olympic Oval. Everyone did an amazing job, the beginners’ skills took off right away and they were sailing along in no time! Others worked on stopping, going backwards, and doing fun tricks! We even got some free time in the evening to spend with relaxing our friends. Another great and wild day at Wynchemna!