Dizzy Dancing and the Tent Games!!!

Today was all about our camp teams!

We blasted through our breakfast and lessons and had a delicious lunch of shawarma. The spirit of karaoke was alive and we danced the time away, booming music and signing at the top of our lungs!!

Outside our camping groups were announced! We were super excited to get our tents set up which was trickier said than done in the wind! We learnt how to do the steamroller in our tent groups, a great way to get close with each other! Then we were off to get our group song and tee shirts made. We had some pretty rad designs!

It was a fantastic bonding time for all of us,

The tent games were a lot of fun. We had dizzy bat, sponge race, tug o war, toothpick challenge and much more!

After a much needed pizza supper we got to do our camp presentations. It was an intense competition between our groups but it was all fun and and friendly in the end! Each of our six groups sang an danced and performed their hearts out. They were amazing acts done by the Bison, Ducks, Snakes, Moose, Cougars and our tent games winners: the Gophers!!

It was an amazing day. And at the end we celebrated the birthday of two of our favourite students: Howard and Vojta!! Happy Birthday you two!!