We Shoot, We Score, We Sizzle!!

Today was our first full day together at Wynchemna! We started our day with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, cereal, waffles, and fruit. We even tried a Canadian staple - Maple Syrup!

After our breakfast we continued the Canadian fun by heading to the rink to play hockey. First we learned the correct way to hold the hockey stick and then buddied up with our new friends to test our skills at passing, shooting and stick handling. Then we put our new skills to the test and played a riveting game of hockey! The excitement was off the charts. We ended our hockey experience with a shoot out and the top 3 shooters got a chocolatey surprise!

We then switched from hockey and put on our thinking caps to explore our campus through a scavenger hunt. We scurried around campus, learning all about the buildings that surround us. Tuckered out from such a full morning, we headed off to the mall to enjoy a yummy lunch!

With full bellies, we headed off to the grocery store to shop with our new friends for supper ingredients. After this, we came back to Wynchemna and prepared for our exams. We wrote our written and oral exams and then played board games while spending time getting to know each others hobbies, preferences and life experiences.

We then got together and cooked supper with our groups. We cooked tacos, spaghetti, fried rice and dessert. After supper, we spent more time getting to know one another and started to prepare for our big day at Stampede tomorrow…. YAHOOOOOOOOO!