The Woolly Mammoths go Camping in the Mountains!

After one last morning of exciting English lessons, we packed our bags and loaded the bus for camping! We drove into the mountains for two hours until we reached our camp site at Pocaterra Ridge in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. We then set up our tents and learned how to cook a true camping meal “Wynchemna style” and ended the night with roasting marshmallows by the camp fire!

After a cozy night in our tents, we woke up and geared up for another exciting day! This time, we hiked up to the beautiful Elbow Lake and further onward till we reached Rae Glacier, where some of us were able to touch snow for the very first time!! Our next day was equally as exciting, as we drove to Banff National Park, where we relaxed in the Hot Springs and did a little bit of shopping for some last minute souvenirs of our time in Canada. We returned to Banff National Park the following day, where we were able to stop and enjoy the beautiful Moraine Lake as well as Lake Louise, where we went on a two hour horseback riding expedition around the beautiful turquoise lake.

We spent our final day of camping riding through gorgeous river-side trails at Ribbon Creek on our mountain bikes! We loved feeling the wind on our faces while riding through the trees! We are now settled into our beds, back at SAIT. We are tired as we head to bed, dreaming of our nonstop adventures in the Canadian Rocky Mountains!